Hi Guys

I there anyone out there that can help, i recently purchased a Mio 605HC from Mantel, when the unit arrived i put it on charge with the intention of setting it up the following day, when i got round to reading the manual it stipulated that the charging indicator should have been showing amber during the charging cycle and on completion turn green, the unit i received only shows a solid red and gives no indication if it is charging(ie flashing). i have a Mio Sat Nav for the car and that shows a slow flashing amber until charged and then turns green, i comunicated to the seller that the unit does not perform as indicated in the user manual and am trying to get a refund but not having a great deal of luck, did a quich search yesterday regarding the indicator and found a link on another forum pertaining to the Mio Link(no idea what that is) and the user said that unit shows a slowly flashing blue light when charging and then goes solid when charge complete.

If anyone could comment i would be most gratefull.




mike the bike [1253 posts] 1 week ago


Hi Mike,


Sorry to hear of your bad luck with Mantel; if the unit doesn't function properly you certainly have the right to some remedy.  But be reasonable in your expectations and if they are trying to help, cut them some slack and don't expect it to be the number one priority for a busy managing director.  But don't be fobbed off with tales of 'you need to contact the manufacturer' or other buck-passing.  Your contract is with the retailer, not the maker.  If they continue to avoid responsibility you have several avenues open to you.  

First, send them a letter detailing your problem and what you would like them to do about it.  Sometimes people respond much better to a written complaint, especially if you are polite and clear in your aims.  Send it 'recorded delivery' and keep the receipt and a copy of the letter.

If after, say, a couple of weeks, they haven't done anything to help you, I would send another letter (same routine as before) offering to let an independent mediator decide the merits of the case.  You can look up these people on the web; the loser usually pays them.

If nothing fruitful happens then, after another decent interval, send letter number three (same routine as before) telling them you are about to claim your refund, plus costs, in the county court.  (Often called the Small Claims Court).   You can look up on the web how to do this.  It's simple, costs only £20+ if you claim online and will take only a couple of hours on the day of the hearing.  It's very informal, you don't need a solicitor and the judge will take a dim view if Mantel don't turn up.  A useful tactic, if you live a long way from the seller, is to claim in your local court.  They won't want the hassle of travelling a long way to defend the action so they are likely to settle in advance.

Try to keep life simple, give them every opportunity to make amends and don't rush to court.  You could lose.

Best of luck.

mekanik [1 post] 1 week ago

Hi Mike
Thanks for your response, this is the second unit that Mantel have sent, the first unit was the same ie no charge indication(as outlined in the manual) just a solid red light, thought the units might have been counterfeit but with the first one i managed to log into mioshare using the code on the box, so really need someone that has one and can confirm if the charging indicator is working as per the manual, ie amber charging and green charged. my concern is a safety issue more than the inconvenience of not knowing when the battery is charged, when the unit is charging and you can see the unit operating as described you are fairly confident that the charging cycle is being monitored with any inbuilt safety measures, but the red light to me indicates this is not happening red means fault to me.
Kindest regards